Revisionen. Grundbegriffe der Literaturtheorie

Band 6: Narrative Factuality. A Handbook.
Ed. by Monika Fludernik and Marie-Laure Ryan. In cooperation with Hanna Specker. Berlin, Boston: de Gruyter 2020.

Band 6 der Reihe 'Revisionen. Grundbegriffe der Literaturtheorie'



Monika Fludernik/Marie-Laure Ryan
Factual Narrative: An Introduction 1

I. Basic Issues: Factuality and Fictionality

1. Irina Rajewsky
Theories of Fictionality and Their Real Other 29

2. Monika Fludernik
Factual Narration in Narratology 51

3. Marie-Laure Ryan
Fact, Fiction and Media 75

4. Stephan Packard
Factualities and their Dependencies on Concepts of the Fictional and the Mendacious 95

5. Mark J. P. Wolf
Typology of the Nonfactual 111

6. Frank Zipfel
Panficdonality/Panfictionalism 127

7. Richard J. Gerrig/Janelle M. Gagnon
The Factual in Psychology 133

8. Marco Caracciolo
Is Factuality the Norm? A Perspective from Cognitive Narratology 149

9. Dorothee Birke
Is Factuality in the Eye of the Beholder 157

10. Michael Sinding
Metaphor, Allegory, Irony, Satire and Supposition in Factual and Fictional Narrative 165

II. Truth and Reference: Philosophical and Linguistic Approaches

1. Tobias Klauk
The Philosophical Perspective on Truth 187

2. Marius Bartmann
Facts and Realism in Philosophy 209

3. Jukka Mikkonen
Truth in Literature: The Problem of Knowledge and Insight Gained from Fiction 229

4. Wolfgang Freitag
Reference in Philosophy 245

5. Tilmann Köppe
Reference in Literature/Literary Studies 259

6. Daniel Jacob
Reference in Linguistics 267

7. Rüdiger Zymner
Evidentiality in Linguistics and Rhetoric 287

III. Factuality across Disciplines and Media

1. Carl Eduard Scheidt/Anja Stukenbrock
Factual Narratives and the Real in Therapy and Psychoanalysis 297

2. Mark Freeman
Authenticity in Sociology and Psychology 313

3. Gregor Dobler
Factuality in Anthropology 325

4. Stephan Jaeger
Factuality in Historiography/Historical Study 335

5. Andreas Musolff
Factual Narrative and Truth in Political Discourse 351

6. Hella Dietz
Narrative and Factuality in Sociology 367

7. Bernhard Kleeberg
Factual Narrative in Economics 379

8. Simon Stern
Factuality, Evidence and Truth in Factual Narratives in the Law 391

9. Andreas Mauz
Truth in (Christian) Religion and in Genres of Religious Narrative 401

10. Richard Walsh
The Narration of Scientific Facts 417

11. Arianna Borrelli
Narrative in Early Modern and Modern Science 429

12. Catherine Milne
Empiricism and the Factual 443

13. Florian Mundhenke
The Role of Factuality in Film 453

14. Karl Nikolaus Renner
Facts and Factual Narration in Journalism 465

15. Elsa Simġes Lucas Freitas
Factuality and Fictionality in Advertisements 479

IV. Literary Issues: Fact, Truth and the Real

1. Michael McKeon
From Mimesis to Realism: The Role of Factuality and the Real in the History of Narrative Theory and Practice 487

2. Robyn Warhol
Realism in the Nineteenth-Century Novel 511

3. Matías Martínez
Authenticity in Narratology and in Literary Studies 521

4. Johannes Franzen
Factuality and Convention 533

5. James Phelan
The Ethics of Factual Narrative 543

6. Stefan Iversen
Transgressive Narration: The Case of Autofiction 555

7. Liesbeth Korthals Altes
Factual or Fictional? The Interpretive and Evaluative Impact of Framing Acts 565

8. Françoise Lavocat
Pseudofactual Narratives and Signposts of Factuality 577

9. Nicholas Paige
Pseudofactuality 593

10. Anders Pettersson
Factuality and Literariness 601

V. Factuality and Fictionality in Various Cultures and Historical Periods

1. Margalit Finkelberg
The Factual in Antiquity 615

2. Eva von Contzen
Diachrony: The Factual in the Middle Ages 625

3. Nicolas Detering/Christian Meierhofer
Factual Narrative in the Early Modern Period 635

4. Victor H. Mair/Ashley Liu
Factual Narrative in Pre-Modern China: Historiography – Its Nature, Function and Influence on Narrative Fiction 647

5. Michael Watson
Premodern Japanese Narratives and the Problem of Referentiality and Factuality 663

6. Haiyan Hu-von Hinüber/Luitgard Soni
Reality and Factuality of Classical Indian Narratives 677

7. Mohsen Ashtiany/Bo Utas
Narrative in Classical Persian Literature 695

8. Isabel Toral-Niehoff
Factual Narrative in Medieval Arabic Literature 709

9. Kyallo Wadi Wamitila
Factual and Fictional Narratives in East African Literatures 721

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